Our Values

Vulcan Offshore are a team of talented, driven and relentless individuals. We are fully committed to delivering quality, by constantly driving improvement and seeking the extra 1%. 

Our Core Values.

Own and utilise responsibility

everybody is given, and takes the responsibility to be the best at what they do. All we expect in return, is that everyone else is doing the same thing.

Stand up strong

the only way to learn from mistakes, maintain integrity and resolve problems effectively is to be fully open at every turn. Maintain openness and honesty at all times. Fail often but, fail fast, learning from your failures to develop your skills and your character. 

Deal with life's lemons

remain positive about your team, your clients and the business. No matter how hard projects become, your team around you will support you to succeed

Do what must be done

if you see something which needs doing which hasn't yet been done and, if you're capable of doing it. Then do it.

Be relentless

we are relentless in our pursuit of absolute quality, being the best at what we do is our only choice.

Sweat the small stuff

keeping an eye on the small things, the tiny details and the 1%'s will drastically increase our ability to deliver on the larger things. Be the person who will not let go of something they know is right.

There are not plenty more fish in the sea

consider the environmental impact in all that we do, knowing that everybody doing a little adds up to everybody doing a lot.

Join us

If after having read our company values you believe that you would fit within our team we love for you to send your CV to us...

We're seeking passionate, innovative, and committed individuals to join our diverse and talented team.

Join as sub-con

Due to the nature of the offshore industry, we regularly use sub-contractor fabricators and welders. 

If you have a fabrication back ground and experience in MIG, TIG and MMA welding then please share your CV and we will keep you on our database for when projects arise.